JV Zoo Launch Opens:

(Launches: Tuesday 03/13/2018 @ 11 AM EST)

5 Day Launch and Affiliate Contest

Grab your swipes below and prepare for a mega success from a 6 time JV Zoo Product of the Day Winner. The best times to promote are at the beginning and close of the launch, but your customers will get the best deal if they get in early. You can find the email swipes below...

Earn Massive Commissions with this high converting funnel:

Front End: Gram Academy — Your customers will get instant access via Wishlist Member and JV Zoo or our private membership site and suite of 4 Chrome Extensions plus our Mac/Win Desktop Software.

OTO: Gram Poster Elite $49 yearly — Automation Tools (up to 5 accounts) including Auto Posting, Auto Follow / Unfollow, Auto Likes and Automated Commenting. (Yearly Plan - recurring commissions).

OTO 2: Boosted Likes $19 monthly — Monthly plan receive 1,000-1,500 daily post likes on auto-pilot.

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$400 JV Cash Prize Contest

Here's how you can win...

$200 1st Place (50 Sale Minimum)

$100 2nd Place (30 Sale Minimum)

$50 3rd Place (25 Sale Minimum)

$25 4th Place (10 Sale Minimum)

$25 5th Place (10 Sale Minimum)

Click Here to Get Your JV Zoo Affiliate Links

* Affiliates must meet sales requirements after refunds to be eligible for prize amounts. You must generate more than the value of payout in sales after commissions and fees to receive the full prize amount. Winners will be calculated and notified after the launch closes. Good luck and thank you all for your support!  ▶ Click Here for LIVE Results!

Swipe Emails

Copy and paste these emails then switch them up a little to customize. If you use the exact copy it could affect your email delivery and end up in spam. So make sure you add your own spin to these swipes. The best time to send the pre-launch email is 5PM the day before. You can send it before then if you send a reminder at 5PM the day before the launch. Launch opens at 11 AM EST on Monday November 20th.