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Gram Academy gives you the tools and training you need to Crush Instagram:

  • Gain Active Followers that regularly Like, Comment and Engage with Your Content
  • Gain Access to Our Own Private Toolbox of Chrome Browser Extensions for Instagram
  • Tap into the Instagram Undeground
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Gram Academy Next Price Increase In:

Here's What Your Getting Inside Gram Academy:

  • Easy to Follow Step by Step Over the Shoulder Training

    The Gram Academy system is a fool proof way to build an active following. And we’ll help you every step of the way with our training.

  • Gram Authority Software

    This adobe air software runs on mac and pc and quickly gathers all the most valuable intel from your list of users so you can discover influencers and make connections.

  • Access to Our Toolbox of Chrome Extensions

    Working hard will only get you so far. You need to work smart and you need tools to leverage your hard work into even bigger results.

  • Pre-Recorded Webinar

    45 minute webinar where we cover all the details of the system and how it all fits together. This will help you get started immediately without any hesitation.

Gram Academy saves me from all the tedious aspects of growing my Instagram following. I am always looking for Software and Training that make my life easier and was glad to have found this. Work Smarter, Not Harder !!

Michael Gavre Michael Gavre
Instagram Marketer

Nobody Else Is Sharing These Underground Secrets

And we 100% guarantee you won't find these software tools anywhere else either!


How is Gram Academy Different Than Other Instagram Training?

We spent months researching and testing all of the other systems, programs and software out there for Instagram. What we found was nobody was sharing the tools and techniques that top Instagram users are actually using. Se we decided to pull back the curtain and give you access to our own techniques and private software.

Imagine a Feed of Active Followers...

People Liking, Commenting and Following you  24x7 because you were smart enough to only follow the most active users in your niche. People who are guaranteed to love your content.

Would that motivate you to use Instagram to it's full potential?

Of course it would! I'm sure we can both agree a highly active feed is much more exciting that getting a like or two every couple of days.

Gram Academy is Packed with 100% Actionable Content and Zero Fluff

Whether you realize it or not we live in an era where attention is a commodity that is bought and sold. There is an entire underground economy happening on social media and if you're not a part of it you're stuck on the outside. With Gram Academy you're learning more than just how to master Instagram. You're finally getting a ticket to the inside track where the real money is made.

Rank in Top Posts for Trending Hashtags:

Discover the Exact Tools and Methods We've Used to Grow Our Accounts by 10k+ Followers in Just a Few Months

As Tai Lopez (Social Media Expert) says working hard isn't enough when it comes to Social Media. You need to work smart and you need save time by leveraging the right tools to help you get there.

Inside Gram Academy You'll Learn...

  • 1

    Getting Started with the Gram Academy System

    The first two modules cover what you need to know about Instagram. What type of account you should create, how to run more than one account, and how to save time by using the web version of Instagram for the tasks you don't want to be stuck doing through the app.

  • 2

    Where to Find the Best Content to Post

    Most people think Instagram is about the present moment. Taking pictures of what's going on right now. But you can never get ahead if you're stuck in the past. You need to be forward thinking and take advantage of what's trending and what's hot. Gram Academy will teach you how to find viral content and rank for hashtags!

  • 3

    Hashtags that Bring You Floods of Traffic

    One of the biggest mistakes I see new Instagram marketers doing is using broad hashtags that will never rank them in Top Posts. Maybe they're not aware of the floods of traffic you can get by ranking in Top Posts or on the Explore tab. Inside Gram Academy we drill down into exactly what type of hashtags you should use to get traffic so you're not stuck in the weeds like everyone doing SEO.

  • 4

    Secret Underground Engagement Groups

    This is perhaps the biggest secret kept from the public when it comes to Instagram. Underground groups that will get you 800+ likes to your post during the first hour.

  • 5

    Gaining Highly Targeted Followers

    Let's face it by now you know how powerful this system can be to grow your Instagram. This is where the rubber meets the road and you'll learn how it all comes together.

A Complete Step-By-Step Course!

Powerful tools to help you succeed!

Private Forum and Dedicated Support!

Pre-Recorded Bonus Webinar

Gram Authority Bonus Software ($97 Value)

There's never been an easier way to discover Influencers on Instagram...

Now you can quickly find top influencers after using system and tools inside Gram Academy and import them into this powerful desktop software. Gram Authority will sort users by followers, how many people they follow, and show you valuable information like what they link to in their bio. So you can make decisions on who you can to communicate with and the best part is it runs on adobe air so it works from both mac and pc. (Use your membership email for your license)

Nothing Comes Close to the Value of Gram Academy

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  • Tutorial Videos
  • Chrome Plugins
  • Mastermind Webinar
  • Supporting PDF Guide
  • Desktop Software

Product Pricing

Gram Academy


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$47 per Month

$299.00 per month

Here's Why You Should Give It A Try

I'm not another one of those Gurus who sells you on something you don't need just so I can make a quick buck and go on vacation overseas. I'm committed to helping you change your life by taking advantage of the hottest opportunity in Social Networking today!

So get Gram Academy now. You have 60 Days to go through everything. If you don't think you've gotten 10x the value of your investment, contact Support here and I'll refund you 100%.

Don't Forget! You Also Get Access to Our Chrome Plugins

And Follow / Unfollow Automator!

We could've easily sold this one on it's own but we decided to include it. Other tools that automate following and unfollowing on Instagram cost hundreds of dollars. And many of them rely on Instagrams API which makes them risky to use. This plugin automates following with built in delays to emulate human behavior.

I can't believe no one has created something even similar to Gram Academy... and Instagram has been around since 2010! Kudos and thanks for this!

Alex P Alex P
Online Marketer

Finally Be Ahead of the Curve!

GET INSTANT ACCESS »Order with confidence on 100% secure servers

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) Are you allowed to promote affiliate products on Instagram? +

Yes, of course! While Instagram may frown upon putting direct affiliate links in your bio. You can promote anything you want from your own website, squeeze page or landing page. Instagram is full of affiliates, shopify owners, and marketers.

Q2) Will there be any ongoing training provided with Gram Academy? +

We will always make sure our training is up to date and relevant. While we're only running the JV Zoo special for one week. We plan on selling Gram Academy via other channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Google after the launch week.

Q3) Do you offer any type of support if I have questions about the training? +

Yes, you will have 24x7 access to support and all support tickets will be answered within 24 hours usually within a couple of hours. During the launch things can get busy but we will still be here to answer any questions you have along the way.

Q4) I already have an Instagram account can I create another one for this system? +

Yes! Unofficially Instagram allows you to have up to 5 accounts from one app. This means if you're already running Instagram from your home network or cell you can create up to 4 more. We'll cover more about this inside the training.

Q5) Do I need an Instagram business account to promote a product or service? +

No, in fact Instagram has recently begun to crack down on people who created a business account with no official business address. So it's best to create a standard Instagram account and forgo the post impression statistics.

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